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Surface + Substance

As one of the leading US-based companies manufacturing high-end TFL, we’re on a mission to create surface and substance. Watch the film to find out what that means to us.

On the surface

We are committed to producing luxury laminate with an on-trend look and feel. In other words, with KML you get surfaces your inner artist can love. 

  • Over 800 design options for your laminate, including trendsetting wood looks
  • A low-gloss look that gives our laminate a natural and subtle luster
  • Over 8 textured finishes crafted to complement our designs

On a deeper level

We believe that laminate done right can be much better for the environment than traditional wood surfaces. Our success proves that eco-friendly choices can be good for business, for designer's portfolios, and better for the world we all call home. That’s why we have created a company that…

  • Reduces the construction industry’s cost for and dependency on wood
  • Manufactures in a modern, highly-efficient facility close to the source of our wood products, lowering our carbon footprint
  • Offers core options that use 100% pre-consumer recycled wood

Join us on the surface + substance mission.

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Klamath Falls, OR 97603