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Stabilight™ lightweight honeycomb core

Stabilight™ is an innovative, lightweight honeycomb core. Designed to be used in ThermoFused Laminate and High-Pressure Laminate, our Stabilight™ core creates strong, lightweight honeycomb panels for use in applications where standard cores like MDF, plywood, and particleboard are simply too heavy.

The need — lightweight, rigid parts

You need retail shelves that have a long shelf life. No pun intended. Your bathroom partitions need to be strong enough to take a beating. Your tradeshow booths need to look great at first use and after four hundred uses. Here’s the problem. All of those applications also require lightweight materials. Enter Stabilight™ from KML.

The solution —Stabilight™ honeycomb panels

We’re best known for our textured laminate panels. And when you make a lot of panels you learn a bit about what the market needs. We couldn’t find a strong, lightweight core that could be built to virtually any size of panel used in a commercial building. So, we started manufacturing our own.


  • Built to virtually any size
  • Strong, lightweight and rigid
  • Usable for contoured and shaped parts
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