Wood-grain-style Laminate Goes Upscale with Edgewood

Posted:  Jun 28, 2015
After providing the woodworking industry with innovative products for nearly 20 years now, we're excited to say that the innovation continues with EDGEWOOD.

It's a TFL product that offers the classic look and feel of real, exotic woodgrain at a fraction of the cost and a lower environmental impact.

What's to love about it? EDGEWOOD impresses with a timeless, high-end look that's perfect for everything from custom closets to large, high-traffic spaces. Going to AWFS? KML will be sharing a booth with Royal Plywood, one of their distributors. Come by booth 4258 and experience EDGEWOOD for yourself.

This habitat-preserving product allows designers to GO WILD with exotic wood looks in large spaces. Large-scale projects like hotels, urban condos, hospitals, and fashion retail spaces demand vertical surfaces that are both refined and durable. "Whether featured in cabinetry, a high-end closet or kitchen, or in retail display components, that mix of beauty and durability is what EDGEWOOD delivers," says Leta Falk, KML's director of marketing. "EDGEWOOD also comes in a palette of 22 different shades, each giving your project superior color consistency and fade resistance.”

EDGEWOOD's versatility doesn't stop there. It's eco-friendly substrate options have helped KML earn FSC™ certification.* Combine EDGEWOOD's lower environmental impact with its fashionable look, and it's easy to see why the product works well in spaces designed with a younger consumer in mind. At the same time, EDGEWOOD's genuine-wood-grain feel connects with older generations who equate real wood with quality.

Like a red carpet-worthy dress, KML's EDGEWOOD captures something classic and fresh at the same time. What else could a designer ask for?


* FSC Certification Number: FSC-C005123

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