Molly Fiebiger new in-house support for architects and designers

Posted:  Aug 17, 2015
Architects and designers, you have questions about TFL and HPL. Our newest hire can answer your questions from a designer's point of view.
Molly Fiebiger, a graduate of UC Davis with a degree in Architecture/Design, has joined the KML team. She brings a real passion for interior architecture to our team. Cabinetry, floor plans, lighting, she loves it all just like you do
If you're an architect or designer, we know you view the world uniquely, always on the look out for beautiful solutions to complex problems. In fact, you probably already solved half a dozen problems today...before breakfast...and this was a slow day.
Molly will be able to answer your questions from a designers perspective, help you properly spec our products, and even give you more ideas about how to use our composites for lower environmental and bigger visual impact.

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