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Laminate edge banding at KML

We take laminate edge banding to the next level with a range of options for curved surfaces and straight edges alike, giving a finished touch to unique laminate shapes.

Too often the conversation about edge banding ends at color matching. At KML, we believe in producing a finished product that isn’t limited by the constraints of 90-degree angles. That’s why we do much of our edge banding with a SNX nVision Contour Edgebander. It provides unmatched edge banding performance for shaped pieces. Not only do we produce some of the most innovative textured TFL in North America, but we can also cut and band our laminate to size and shape.

Contoured edge banding capabilities

3mm PVC edge banding and beyond – With the SNX nVision we can edge band contoured laminate to the following specs:

  • 1mm to 3mm PVC or ABS edge banding for circles, peninsulas, and virtually any other shape imaginable.
  • With 1mm Edging we can provide 1.5 inside radius edging, and down to 1/8inch exterior radius.
  • 3mm standards are 2 inch inside, and 1.5inch outside radius.
  • Parts can be banded and trimmed from ½ inch to 1 ½ thickness.

Common applications

  • Countertop edge banding
  • Banding for tabletops
  • Edge banding for desks

Laminate edge banding for standard decorative panels

With our our Brandt Edgebander, we can handle laminate edge banding for straight-edged TFL panels and HPL as well. Our capabilities include:

  • Banding for straight edges from ½ mm to 3mm band thickness, and from 3/8” to 1 ½” board thickness.
  • Parts up to 12 feet in length and 5 feet in width
  • Can band as many sides as you want
  • Self-Edge, PVC & ABS edge banding all available.

Common applications

  • Shelving
  • Cabinet Parts (Casework)
  • Table tops
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