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Cabinet Components, Casework, Machined Parts

At KML Designer Finishes, not only do we make laminate panels with sought after style, but we also create custom cabinet components, casework, and machined parts for a variety of applications.

Your laminate cabinet casework manufacturers

As manufacturers of fashion-forward TFL panels, we’ve become a go-to source for laminate cabinet casework. We make life simpler for cabinet shops and distributers by making cabinet parts quicker and with greater accuracy, essentially doing their casework for them. Our knockdown cabinet components are built, cut, routed, drilled, and banded to your custom specs, then shipped flat to your shop for assembly.

We manufacture:

  • Cabinet sides
  • Cabinet components
  • Cabinet doors
  • Cabinet drawers

Our cabinet component capabilities

With our BHX 500, we can make mirrored parts on demand. It features:

  • 26 heads, a router bit, and cutting blade on the top and bottom for perfectly matched mirrored parts every time (parts up to 4’ x 8’).
  • With drillheads on the top and bottom, the BHX 500 can drill holes from two sides to create clean through holes.
  • With so many drill heads working simultaneously, we can produce your custom cabinet components quickly saving you time and labor costs.

Other machined parts

At KML, we build and send TFL and HPL panels to skilled fabricators to be shaped into custom machined parts. But what if our fabricators don’t serve your area? Solution: we machine custom parts in house, abiding by the strictest standards of quality control, and ship them to you, saving you labor costs and creating challenging custom shapes. Using our Shoda Nested Router, we can:

  • Cut contours
  • Mill thickness
  • Do custom shaping

With the Shoda Nested Router, we can do custom slatwall to include carried slot centers as well as varied part sizes and shapes. Its ability to cut shapes quickly also allows us to be a primary source for laminate desktops for use in schools, offices, multi-family, commercial, and more.

Other custom capabilities

  • Contour edgebanding
  • HPL bonded panels
  • Cut to size laminate panels

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