Our Team

Willie Wanker

President - Raised in Central Oregon, Willie Wanker is known in the industry he’s served for more than two decades as an innovator. His mild-mannered, underpromise-and-over-deliver approach keeps customers coming back time and again.

      Leta Falk

      Originally from Culver, OR, Leta has found a business that feels like home in KML. As KML’s Marketing Director, she currently interfaces quite a bit with the A&D community, but she has worn many hats through her career. Retail, newspaper, and television, she did it all. One thing she loves about her job? Educating the A&D community on the value of Thermally-Fused Laminate (TFL).

          Christopher Rohloff

          From Lacey, WA, originally, Chris loves producing quality parts that make customers say, “Wow.” Working in the cabinet and countertop industry for the past 11 years, mostly on the machining end of the spectrum, Chris brings experience and drive to what he does as a Components Manager. He’s currently studying to get a degree in Business & Administration.

              Gary McGillivray

              Born in Seattle, WA, and raised in the foothills of the Cascades in Enumclaw, Gary has been at KML for 15 years. Before that, Gary spent 11 years in the woodworking distribution industry. His work experiences have shaped him into a “customer’s salesman.” He also develops KML’s newest, cutting-edge finishes, which means that when Gary offers solutions to meet your needs and help you build effective programs, you’re talking to a KML product expert.

                  Bob Wanker

                  Raised in central Oregon, Bob Wanker oversees day-to-day operations at KML’s corporate facilities in Tacoma, WA. Nothing leaves KML on Bob’s watch unless it’s a quality panel product. As Operations Manager, he’s also passionate about efficiency, because keeping the presses running means getting customers their product on time.

                      Ed Stanton

                      Born in Oil City, PA and raised in Youngstown, OH, Ed has been in the sales industry for 50 years, including 30 years as a Sales Manager at Shakertown Corporation. After over a decade in sales at KML, Ed still loves interacting with and serving KML’s great customers.

                          Len Leonty

                          Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Len Leonty is KML's Canadian Sales Manager. Len joined KML in 2010 and has enjoyed adapting from the distribution side to the manufacturing side of the industry. What makes his work fulfilling? Working for the best boss and owner in the business. Len is a rarity when it comes to the industry. He puts equal value on his suppliers as well as his customers. “It’s a balance and sometimes a juggling act, but everyone needs to be profitable. None of us could survive without the other.”  KML has always been and will always be about valuing relationships. That's a concept that will never change.

                              Leonardo Valdes

                              Leonardo Valdes, our Operation Manager at the Stockton California plant, has been with KML since May of 1998. Originally from El Salvador and raised in Menlo Park, California, Leonardo enjoys working with Willie and seeing the great impact that TFL has had on the market over the years. His successful tenure at KML Stockton has been enjoyable for him — and for his customers — because his top priorities are quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

                                  Ron Gagne


                                  Born and raised in Lewiston, Maine, Ron was an East Coast guy for many years, but he couldn't be happier to make KML home now. And we are happy that Ron has brought his vast experience to us. An industry innovator, he spent over 45 years working as a vendor to KML and companies like it. As a member of the sales team, this helps him bring a unique and refreshing perspective to his clients. What gets him excited about his job? The opportunity to interact with and build relationships with customers.

                                      Sandra Arreola

                                      Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, Sandra Arreola moved to the USA in her late teens. She is the Manager Assistant at our Stockton, CA, plant, handling everything from production, to scheduling orders and shipments, to phone calls and customer service. Sandra has been going strong with KML since 2008. She keeps her work fresh by trying to learn something new every day. Why do customers enjoy working with her? Sandra says, “It's simple. When you enjoy your work, it shows.”

                                          Darin Griffith

                                          Born and raised in Tacoma, WA, Darin works for KML as a Sales & Production Coordinator. Darin has been in the industry for 25 years. You’ll find he loves building and maintaining positive relationships with customers.

                                              Dianna Martin

                                              Born and raised in Reading, PA – yes, the city they named Reading Railroad after – Dianna now makes Washington home. She brings 21 years of accounting experience to her role as KML’s Controller, which means she heads up the accounting department. What does she love about her job? Her teammates. From Willie and Viola, to her many wonderful co-workers, Dianna enjoys being a part of the KML crew.

                                                  Molly Fiebiger

                                                  Born and raised in Northern California, Molly graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Design. She loves design in its many facets but finds she's most interested in interior architecture, whether its residential, commercial, or industrial, relishing everything from floor plans to cabinetry, furniture, lighting, and more. At KML, Molly leverages her design background to expertly support architects and designers. You'll appreciate her ability to expand your knowledge of what's possible with KML textures and designs.

                                                      Stephanie Hewitt

                                                      A lifelong Tacoma native, Stephanie went to school for accounting and started at KML as an intern. Her excellent organizational skills, multitasking ability, and strength with numbers quickly proved she had plenty to offer. She has since been promoted twice and is a perfect fit for her role as a Receiving and Ordering Specialist. She's also friendly and personable. Expect to be well taken care of when you speak with Stephanie.

                                                          Carly Moreno

                                                          Born and raised in Southern California, Carly is a recent transplant to our area. As KML's receptionist, she is the first face you'll see at KML Headquarters. Carly enjoys her job's fast pace, her friendly co-workers, and the opportunity to meet customers every day.

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